Hey there!

No prize here

But ya gotta chillll :))

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    Tired? Too burnt out? Here's some ideas

    1. Go to school! (literally)

    We hear that campuses are opening up to students! Might be nice to have a change of scenery to breathe or even think about the adventures school could bring!

    2. Take a Power Nap!

    Took an all nighter? Set an alarm for your next class and indulge in a power nap before it— these few moments of rest will help power you through the day.

    3. Talk to your friends!

    Whether face to face or online, it’s good to keep in touch with those who care about you! Give them a call or simply send them a message to keep an open line of communication.

    4. Practice mindfulness meditation!

    Mindfulness meditation will allow you to let go of any negative thoughts and reduce levels of stress. All you need to do is sit comfortably and breathe deeply for a few minutes!

    5. Write your feelings down!

    Sounds cheesy, I know— but nothing beats stress and anxiety than a good old pen and paper. So, detach yourself from the bane of the gadget screen (even just for a little while) and journal your thoughts! You'll find yourself feeling better in no time!

    6. Treat yourself!

    The cliche stands true - It’s the simple things in life that counts. Whether it's rewarding yourself with another cup of coffee, milktea, or an episode of a show that’s caught your eye, set up a reward system for every box you check off your to-do list. Online school is tough, you’ve earned it!

    7. Confess to your crush!

    Not a lot going on at the moment? Looking for something to spice your life up apart from your 11:59 PM deadlines? Try telling your crush how you feel and who knows, you might find yourself inspired to get through the semester! (assuming they feel the same way HAHAHAHA)

    8. Listen to Taylor Swift <3

    9. Have a change of scenery! Take a walk or have a dance party!

    Turn off your devices and quit the screen hypnosis. Are you really enjoying mindlessly scrolling? 🤨 It has been proven that walking for a mere 10 minutes (or singing and dancing around your room to All Too Well the 10-minute version) can improve concentration, attention span, and mood through the release of feel-good endorphins. If you’re feeling stuck, maybe study or eat outdoors or in a different part of your home. Enjoy the little things and changes you can make <3

    10. Write down 3 things you are proud of yourself for doing or being. Affirm yourself and affirm the people around you!

    We could all use a little more positivity nowadays <3 Give yourself credit. You are doing better than you think. If the best thing you did was wake up today, we are proud of you! Smile for yourself :)